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LeMaster Computer Services believes a computer business is not about computers, it’s about the customer. One can have all the degrees and certifications, but if you forget about the people, you’ve lost the core meaning of what business is all about.

CEO Rich LeMaster served his country as a Radioman and Satellite Communications Technician in the Navy for seven years. The position gave him the core knowledge to work on electronics and to develop a knack for troubleshooting. It also gave him the insight to treat people with respect and focus his business on his clients’ needs first.

The company believes that it is their responsibility to take care of people, and the computer is simply the way they do that.

For nearly 20 years Rich has been troubleshooting and taking care of people. Working on computers up to that point was merely a hobby. He soon discovered he was able to do something that was fun and interesting, and he could get paid for it! This epiphany led him to start his own company, which allowed Rich to fashion LeMaster Computer Services into a customer-centric business. The company maxim says nothing takes the place of experience and desire, since drive, desire and a love of the work is what brings success.

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