New System Setup

The easiest, most efficient way to keep your computer system running smoothly is to start from the beginning—with the setup of your new machine and/or system. We’ll make sure you are connected to the Internet and install the security systems you’ll need to safely surf the Web. We’ll connect your printer, scanner, card readers and external drives, plus any other ancillary device that makes your work more productive. And we’ll be sure you have all your important software installed and operational from the start so you won’t have anything to worry about later.

New system set up includes all of these:

• Physically setup and connect your computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
• Install critical system updates and set future updates to install automatically
• Create user accounts for your system, your email or other user-specific software
• Optimize programs so they work efficiently and as you need them to
• Clean up your menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts—includes removing obsolete and unused icons or programs
• Remove unwanted programs
• Test network and internet connectivity to ensure it is operational
• Set default web browser, home page and search provider
• Install and update internet security software
• Install and configure apps and software programs
• Configure email accounts
• Help you understand the basic functions of your new system plus answer any questions you might have.

We want to be sure you can happily use your new system or device.