PC Concierge

Customer Centric Services

LeMaster Computer Services was founded in 1993 by Rich LeMaster with the belief that all clients deserve the best service possible. Since then, they have treated every customer like part of the LeMaster family.

The overall goal at LeMaster Computer Services is to treat every customer with courtesy and respect, providing 100% attention until the customer is completely satisfied. No question is too big, too small, too silly, too naive, or too uninformed. They encourage you to keep asking questions until you have all the answers you need.

LeMaster believes that computer repair is personal; that it is a customer-service industry. In this business, LeMaster makes you the center of attention along with the importance of your computer. As a local company, LeMaster offers service that outshines other professed IT guys; with LeMaster, service comes with a personal touch.

LeMaster is uniquely positioned to listen as attentively to a single, one-user customer, as to the needs of small and medium businesses that want to outsource their IT needs. Specialties include: maintenance and repair; virus and spyware removal; new system setup and configuration; and server setup, installation, and migration.